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We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions below, however, if you prefer to speak with one of our Project Managers – simply drop us a note and we will set a time that works for you:



How long does it take?

The total process will take only a couple hours of your time and approximately 4-8 weeks for us to complete the process. This is with the understanding you review and approve each step in a timely manner.

Can you help with my fiction or story book?

That would be nice, however, we are extremely focused on our specialty of writing books for entrepreneurs, consultants, lifestyle coaches and business professional who want to get their message out, position themselves as the go-to guru in their field and position the sale of their product or service.

Is this ghost writing?

NO! This is not ghost writing. Your book is just that – yours, using your knowledge, experience and your message – all expressed directly by you during the interview process. We simply employ our unique Empowerment Marketing Formula to the process and add a little polish!

Will the book sound like me?

Your book is not only written using your message, but our editors pick up on your voice and your style during the interviews, translating that in to your books manuscript. Your book will read as if your ideal client was speaking with you directly – friend to friend!

How long or how many pages is the book?

Your book will be approximately 17,500 – 22,500 words, creating a 80 – 110 page book that is 5.5″ wide by 8.5″ tall.

Is the book an e-book or paperback?

BOTH! You receive an e-book pdf version for use online and a complete typeset version, set-up and ready for paperback printing in any quantity you need from one to one million.

PLUS, as an added bonus – you will receive 100 copies of your paperback book absolutely FREE!

If you need a hardcover book or any other additional needs, send us an email for details.

Who owns the IP or copyright?

You do. This is completely your message and your book. Written by you (with a little help from your friends) and owned by you!

What is the next step?

Once you make the commitment to publishing your own book and the initial payment is received, we will email you the initial set of questions and coordinate a time for the Initial In-Take Interview.

Total Value $15,000

Normal Price $5,999

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