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It all started with my wife making a simple, yet brilliant observation…

YourBook123LogoVertical.jpgAs an entrepreneur, I already know the benefits of publishing my own book – from attracting new clients, delivering my message, positioning the sale and establishing me as the expert in my field, helping me to score speaking engagements and media interviews.

The problem is, who has all that ridiculous amount of time to research, write, proof, typeset and publish a book?

That’s when my wife turned to me and said, “When you decide to write a book, you have a unique process that to lets you write it in just the weekend. Why don’t we do that for others?”

It sounded kind of obvious, but for some reason, I didn’t have a good answer – and, in that moment, Your Book 1-2-3 was born!


There is a science to writing a book that creates a connection with the reader, establishes trust, addresses some of their top of mind
problems and positions the Working on laptopsale of your product or service. This is something I have developed over the years and call my Empowerment Marketing Formula, which is the basis for every book outline I create.

Next, I use my experience as a radio host and “interview myself.” It sounds funny, but I literally answer the questions verbally as I type. I know, can you picture my lips moving as I type?

From there, I have a team of people help polish my work, double check spelling and grammar, create the graphics for the cover and typeset everything, so it’s ready to go to print.


Proudly successful.Imagine if you could have someone interview you, asking all the right questions to get your message from your head and then transform it in to your own book, in your own words – without you ever lifting a pen.

Your Book 1-2-3 has assembled a team to do just that!

We have assembled several professional radio hosts for interviewing; extremely detailed transcriptionists to convert the interviews in to the computer; several talented editors, each with their own area of expertise, to transform the transcriptions into your manuscript; a team of professional proof readers to double check each detail; graphic experts to create a book cover that gets attention; a typesetter that prepares the final work for printing; and a top-notch printer willing to print from 1 to 100,000 copies for you – at prices you won’t believe.


about-meOver the years, I have worked with celebrities, start-ups and major corporations in a number of different industries, literally generating almost a billion dollars in sales. I have been a serial entrepreneur, experiencing the challenges of owning my own business. I have been an executive for a few major corporations, as a matter of fact, at one point I was the Vice President at the Home Shopping Network and honored to work directly with creative genius Kevin Harrington, who many of you may recognize from the Shark Tank.

From coast to coast and Singapore to Turkey, I have been a keynote
speaker around the globe. I have shared my expertise by publishing three different books, co-hosting a live national radio show reaching 17 million people and been interviewed on national television.

While I have had an incredible career and was even honored as ‘One of the Twenty to Know’, I realized then that true success is more than just making money – it’s about empowering others to unleash their true potential.

I am on a mission to share with entrepreneurs the exact same formula I have used to build my success, including how to generate tremendous exposure, build their name and attract new clients.

Don’t wait – get your message out there TODAY!


While we have assembled an incredible team that can take less than two hours of your time and transform it in to a work of art that represents you properly in just four to six weeks, we must give each client the proper personal attention. For that reason, we are limited on the new clients we accept. We strongly suggest that you reserve your spot today. Even if you don’t think you are ready, you may be surprised to discover that you are more ready than you think. Contact us TODAY to schedule your consultation with one of our project managers.

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